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Gift Card Sales

Wesley United Church sells gift cards for local grocery stores as well as many businesses in our community.  The stores donate between 3 and 5% of each cards value to the church.  So for example if you purchase a $100 grocery store gift card, $5.00 is donated to the church. This is an easy way for anyone to donate to our church.  The cards make great Christmas, birthday and anniversary gifts.    

Participating Stores are:



Sobeys and their partner stores:              Loblaws and their partner stores:

Foodland                                         No Frills

Safeway                                          Superstore

IGA                                              Zehr's

FRESHCO                                          ValueMart

Thrifty Foods                                    Independent

Lawtons                                          Wholesale Club

Also selling gift cards for:

Home Hardware


Wal Mart

Tim Hortons 

and many others


Please contact:

Beth Lanouette - 705-657-1695 to purchase your gift cards and arrangements will be made to get them to you.

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